Apollo Club personal data deletion request

I hereby request to delete my personal data processed within the Apollo Club program.

You can download the application form here

I am aware that after submitting the application:

  • My Apollo Club account will be closed and I will not be able to use the benefits of the Apollo Klub bonus program in companies belonging to the Apollo Group — Apollo stores, Apollo e-shop, Apollo Cinemas, Blender juice bars, Ice Cafe ice cream bars, O’Learys sports bars, etc.
  • The bonuses collected by using my Apollo Club will be deleted and cannot be used (the value of the collected bonuses will not be reimbursed to the customer).
  • My access to the Apollo Club account will be closed, the links to my downloaded e-books will be deleted from the cloud service.

"*" обязательное поле для заполнения

Форма заявки

Digitally signed personal data deletion request * Прикрепите сюда заявление с цифровой подписью в формате .bdoc или .asice.